Give Pets with Diabetes A Shot! -- They will love you for Life!
What could be sweeter then a Diabetic Pet?
These are pictures of our pets and ourselves.
Many of us can be found chatting on the 
Yahoo Pet Diabetes Email List!
This page replaces the old family page!
We are like a family and not all of our pets are diabetic but we talk about them on a daily basis.
If you want your pet's picture and story  added email it to Judy
Email Address is    Put in subject line if possible Our Pets
I will adjust the pictures to the proper size for the website and make the backgrounds.
The pet's name will be followed by Angel if he/she is at the Bridge.
The first column is in alphabetical order.
Click on Pet or 
Owner's Name
to read their Story
Picture Belongs to Is the Pet Diabetic?
 Adeline Kacey Angel,
Kelsey & Patrick
Alex Angel Margo Hupe yes
Alfie Angel Hilda yes
Amstel Ron yes
 Andee Mike yes
Angel Susan yes
 Anna Edward Murray yes
 Annie Max, Mitchell
& Winnie Angel
Anni Angel Kim Knight yes
Ashley Sharon yes
 Baby Margaret no
 Baby Sharon yes
 Bailey Annie yes
Bailey Bonnie yes
Bandit Pat yes
Barb Herman, Rascal &
 Barb Kirby Meowzer & Kricket
Tabitha & Herman Angel
Dante & Lady
Rocko, Rascal, Bailey
Barney Angel Val Dumire yes
Bear Marian yes
Bella Angel Margaret yes
 Beringer Kathy yes
Bernadette Susan yes
Bertie Angel Brooke yes
Betsy Angel Jeri yes
Bingo Angel Margo Hupe no
 Binky Angel Jane Landis ?
Blackie Cathy yes
Blaze Kellie yes
Buddy Angel & Blazer Angel Michelle yes
Bo Kris yes
Boo Cathy yes
 Boodley Angel Jo no
Brenna Angel Kris yes
Buddy Angel Jenn yes
Buddy Angel Regina yes
 Buddy Mary yes
Bucky Bill & Carolyn yes
Buffy Josephine yes
Buster Connie yes
 Buster Bailey Stacey & Karen yes
 Buster Kathy yes
 Cain Angel Steph yes
Carbon Angel Karen yes
 Carol Robarge Zaki, Pandi
& Kelci
 Charlee Sherry yes
Cheyenne Angel Christy yes
Chicklet Angel Jere yes
Chico Angel Jackie yes
 Chloe Angel Melinda yes
Chupa Hilary yes
Cinder Angel Harriett
is now in heaven
with Cinder
 Cody Marsha yes
Colby Angel Candace yes
Conan Angel Jenny Sutherland yes
 Connie Buster no
Cookie Angel Roy yes
Cookie Ann yes
Coty Nicole yes
Crosby Angel Linda yes
Dahlia Jeanne yes
Daisy Ken yes
Dakota Kathryn yes
 Dakota Angel Debbie no
Dallas Debbie yes
 Danna Louie no
Derek Angel Louise Ciddor yes
Dexter Angel Missy yes
Dominic Kevin yes
 Dottie Oliver Angel
Pumpkin Angel
Ricky & Rusty
Ebony Angel Judy yes
 Elizabeth Wiggly Angel, Wendell,
Pudgy, Slimey, Ginger,
Kookie Doodle, Hopple
Elvis Ann yes
Ender Angel Bonnie yes
Eskie Angel Margaret yes
Eubie Angel Dianne yes
Faxie Jenny Sutherland no
Foxy George yes
Frankie Mary yes
Fred Angel Vanessa yes
Freddie Rikki yes
 Frosty Angel Karen yes
Gigi & Abbey Katherine yes
 Gilligan Angel Jane Landis no
 Ginger Elizabeth Glass no
Ginger Joel yes
Ginger Angel Nancy yes
 Ginger Angel Victor & Carmen yes
Gizmo Angel Glenna yes
Gretchen Angel Stacy yes
Gus Lu yes
Hanna Angel Stacy yes
Harley Angel Marilyn yes
Hayley Angel Sherri yes
Hamster Diabetes Jane Landis yes
Heidi Angel Linda Underhill yes
 Heidi Liese yes
Heidi Jo Cher yes
Hilde Angel no picture Susan Hudson yes
Herman Angel Barb Warf yes
Hershey Angel Denise yes
Hiker Marianna yes
 Hilary Chupa, 
& Winston Angel
Hobo Jennifer yes
 Homer Regina yes
 Hootie Nikki yes
Hoover Donna yes
Hopple Elizabeth Glass no
 Hoss Deb yes
Ivory Debbie yes
Izzy Rose yes
Jaegar Nancy yes
Jake Angel Gill yes
Jasper Tracey yes
 Jasper Kathy Gravel no
Jeffty Cindy yes
Jeffy Angel Sharon yes
 Jenny Sutherland Conan, Faxie, Peanut TaterTot & Toby
Tessie Angel
Jordi Angel Kathy Gravel yes
Josephine Boodley, Folly, Kate, 
Wendy,Rocky, Buffy, 
Sam, Stimpy 
& Winsome Winnie
Judy KitKat &
Queenie Angel
Julius Angel Tony yes
Kacey Angel Adeline yes
Kanga Eileen yes
Karen Loki, Merlin
& Sammy
Kate Angel Ronda yes
 Kathy Jordi no
Keesha Amy yes
Keish Angel Bonnie yes
Kelsey Adeline no
Kirby Mary yes
 Kiroo Susanna yes
KitKat Judy Dick no
Kiva Laura yes
Koogle Kristy yes
 Kookie Doodle Elizabeth Glass no
Korbel Jennifer yes
Kricket  Angel Barb yes
 Kuno Lee Anne yes
Kyle Angel Debra yes
Laddie Phyllis yes
 Lewis Angel Brenda yes
 Linda Underhill Crosby Angel &
Heidi Angel
Lindy Jennifer yes
Lizy Marie yes
Loki Karen yes
Louie Danna Eberly yes
 Luke Angel Sharon Byrd yes
 Mackie Bill Wilson yes
 Maddie Freida yes
 Maggie Luann yes
 Maggie Angel Faith yes
 Maggie May Dr. Marlene yes
 Malibu Bobi yes
Manz Margaret no
 Margaret Baby, Misty, Thumper
Manz & Bella
Margo Hupe Alex Angel, 
Bingo Angel,
Hooper, Pickles, Oscar
Indy & Georgie & Rosco
yes for Margo
& Alex
 Marilyn Angel Phyliss yes
Matty Bridget yes
Max Angel Annie yes
Max Angel Nan yes
 Maxi Barb yes
Melissa Angel Gail yes
Memory Lane
Old Friends 
Through the Years!
collage old pictures pets over the years yes
 Meowzer Barb Kirby yes
Merlin Karen no
 Michael Jay Smith Andee yes
Minni Roz yes
Missie Angel Helen yes
Missy Denise yes
Missy Angel Rhonda yes
 Misty Dot no
 Misty Margaret no
 Mitsy Barb Warf yes
MJ Angela yes
 Mo Ginny Lovelidge yes
 Molly Amber no
Molly Julia yes
Mork Angel Deb yes
Muffy Wanda yes
Nick Patty yes
 Nikki  Kim yes
 Nokomis Kathryn no
 Nudge Angel Nancy yes
Nugget Kim yes
Ole Yeller Theresa yes
Oliver Angel Dottie no
Opie Jerri yes
Oreo Kathy yes
Oscar Angel Brenda yes
 Oscar Angel Margo Hupe yes
Patrick Angel Adeline no
Peaches Angel Shelly yes
Peanut Jenny Sutherland no
 Pepper Audrey yes
Peter Jeanie yes
 Piddles Angel Jane Landis ?
Poke Linda yes
Pookie Sharon no
Princess Leni yes
Pudgy Elizabeth Glass yes
Pumpkin Kelli Ann yes
Pumpkin Angel Dottie yes
Puppy Angel Jeri yes
Queenie Angel Judy Dick yes
Quincey Arlene yes
 Rachel Connie yes
Ralphie Angel Jane Landis no
Rascal Barb Warf no
Reba Susan yes
Remington Joy yes
Ricky Dottie no
Ripley Dianna yes
Ripley Shirley yes
Rocky Angel Ellen yes
Rosie Angel Charls yes
Rowdy Kathleen yes
 Roy Cookie Angel Roy yes
Ruby Susan yes
Rusty Dottie no
 Sam Arnelle yes
 Sam Annie yes
Samantha Julie yes
Samantha Margarete yes
 Sammy Angel Jane Landis ?
Sammy Karen no
Sasha Angel Chris yes
Sassy Angel Debbie yes
Sassy Susan no
Sassy Angel Julia yes
Scooter Angel Shari yes
 Scotty Angel Anne yes
Seamus Angel Marcia yes
Shady Angel Karen yes
Shady Angel Mike yes
Sharon Ashley & Pookie no
 Shasta Angel Kris yes
Shelby Cynthia yes
 Shelly Peaches no
Shenzi Chris yes
 Sierra Kathryn no
Simeon Lu yes
 Sixty Angel Dot yes
 Slimey Elizabeth Glass no
Smokey Rosemary yes
 Snookums Barb Warf no
Snoopy Tamara yes
Snowy Grace yes
Sparky Chuck yes
Spooky Angel Roz yes
 Spot Angel Jane Landis ?
 Stanzi Silvano yes
Star Gail yes
Stetson Angel Sue yes
Storm Lynn yes
Sunduster Angel Rosemary yes
Sydney Janet yes
 Sylvia Michele yes
Tabitha Judy no
Tater Tot Jenny Sutherland no
 Tazz Sheila Weld yes
Teddy Angel Susan Jackson yes
 TeddyBear Nancy no
Tessie Angel Jenny Sutherland yes
 Thumper Margaret no
Tigger Kathy yes
Tigger Susan yes
Tigger Angel Nancy yes
Tippy Angel Lee yes
 Tito Amy  yes
Toby Jenny Sutherland no
Tom Tracey yes
Travis Nanette yes
Tucker Lesa yes
 Tuffi Joyce yes
 Two-Ton Angel Judee yes
Vegas Angel Tonya yes
 Wendell Elizabeth Glass no
Wiggly Angel Elizabeth Glass yes
Willy Linda yes
Wilson Annette yes
Winnie Angel Anne no
Winston Angel Hilary yes
Yogi Kim yes
Zaki Carol yes
Zeke Angel Martha yes
 Zoe Kathy yes

updated in June of 2008

If you own a pet with diabetes and would like your story added to this page.
It does not matter who's list you belong to or/if you even belong to an email list.
This is about sharing your pet's story and how the diagnosis of diabetes has affected your lives.
If you know that one of the above pet's has gone to the bridge please
email me and I will add Angel behind their name

Collage Pictures of Diabetic Pets from long ago - Click Here!

Take Me Home to Pet Diabetes!

Take Me Home to Canine Diabetes!

Diabetes in Pets is NOT a Death Sentence!
Give Pets with Diabetes A Shot! -- They will love you for Life!