Jane and Her Rescue Hamsters

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 Max the Diabetic Hamster

If you need help with a diabetic hamster
Please contact  Jane Landis

Jane shares stories of her hamsters with the Rainbow Diabetes Email List

Each of her hamsters is unique and endearing!

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Jane has started an email list just for diabetic hamsters.
No-one knows more on this subject then this wonderful lady!


This is a letter that Jane shared with the list and shows what a special, warm-hearted lady she is!!!
Sent: Friday, January 10, 2003 5:31 PM
Subject: [RB] A Prayer for Today
 Debra:  I'm tired, scared, confused and more.

 Gail: Sorry, I'm babbling but I'm just so upset I can't think straight.

 Lord, take Kyle and Melissa and Julius firmly in Your hands and deliver them healed and 
whole to their mommies and daddies quickly.  End their pain  and restore their health.

 Thank you for the blessing these precious ones are in Debra's and Gail's
 and Tony's lives.  Answer their cries for Your guidance as they battle
 illness in their loveys and fear in their hearts. We ask the same for Susan
 and Buddy, for Margo and Alex, Maria and her Lhasa, Denise and Hershey,
Sue and Bailey, Michelle and Gigi, Danna and Sam and Louie, Shelly and Peaches 
-- for each of us as we care for your dear ones.  Bring Dobey back
 safely to continue to bless Melissa as they foster one another until You
 bring his forever mom.  Help Betty and Kim and Gail past their fear to test
 Spunky and Anni and Star.  They want so desperately to do their best.

 Thank you for bringing Jordi home healthy to Kathy, for Brenna's successful
 surgery and return to keep Kris's vacuum cleaner and toilet paper safely
at bay.  Thank you for the upbeat support of Kim, Judy, Susan Jackson, Anne,
 Missy, Candace, Linda, Brenda, Cathy and all the knowledge and encourgement
 of Margo, Kerry, Lee, Jenny, Val and Dr. Jennifer -- and many more. 
Thank you for Ivy's new job.

 We know we only borrow these little wonders, Lord, but You've made them
 such magnificent companions, vessels of Your perfect love in our lives.
 Thank you for the blessing of pups -- those who can stay and those who had
 to go.  They've touched so many hearts and sown such compassion in them.
 Thank you for the gentle miracle of Gilligan and the holy vision he is of
 how fragile we are in body, yet infinite in spirit.

 Restore the broken hearts among us, Father.  Bring peace to Suzanne and to
 Brenda, each of whom has reached out so bravely to ask for support and to
 offer it in turn.  Thank you for their example, for their loving hearts
 that share their grief and allow us to share our own.  Weave loving
 memories of Emma and Oscar through their days.  Comfort Sandy as she cares
 for Ludwig, and remind her that only You have perfect wisdom, and that You
 never expected it from her.

 Thank you for this gathering of tender hearts and willing hands.  Move
 among us to heal and to teach us to heal.  Accept our gratitude, Father,
 and let it move us to share our blessings among our sorrows, to sow our
 joys that we may reap renewal of our weary spirits and care for these
 precious ones and for one another as You would have us do.

 In Your Son's most holy name, we ask, and trust Your answers.


Gilligan may you be resting in the fur of my Queenie at the bridge.
You touched our souls!!

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