.Tom (dc),Jerry and Family

                       . Grandma with Tom and Jerry!

                        .All I want for Christmas Santa is catnip!


Tom and Jerry are brothers, littermates, 
and are fast approaching 7 years of age.
 Tom was diagnosed with diabetes in October of 1999 
with BGs ranging from 350 to 600. 
So far, we're having a bitof challenge getting him regulated. 
We've been as high as 4units of Humulin twice a day and still get
BGs in the high 300s. As of today (2/17/00), we're up toUltraLente 
at 4 units twice a day, and are somewherein the low 300s. 
Wish us luck! 

  Tom's brother, Jerry, has adopted the 'better you than me' attitude.
 They both are intensely jealous of my attention, so they've conceded to a
form of "your time/my time."  I get Jerry all night, and Tom in the
daytime hours. 

  I have found that treating a diabetic cat is not
hard at all, neither on me, the cat or our finances. 
Tom often jumps up on the "area of love" (aka
Injection Zone) and waits when it's time.  He purrs
through the whole process (We sing to him when we give
him the injections).  The cost is about $15 a month
not including the trips to the vet for official BG
readings (required until we get him regulated).  Not a
big sum of money in respects to the amount of love and
happiness we bring in to each other's life...

How has the diagnosis of diabetes in Tom affected your life?
Tom's diabetes has only had a positive affect in our lives.
I have learned to love him even more and I have
a tendancy to pay more attention to him.  There is
more effort on my part to ensure he is fed with
appropriate timing to insulin injections, to have the
appropriate kinds of food for him, and to take him for
periodic professional BG tests; however, this is not difficult 
because I have the  support of husband, family and friends.
     I have a fantastic house-sitter who treats Tom and Jerry so royally, 
that it takes me a week to unspoil them when I get home from trips;
he's  been a real trooper about giving Tom his  shots too. 
I have found that it makes an interesting topic of conversation, 
and I have learned so much about the disease, that I'm more
proficient in discussions of diabetes.  Also, I now have a BG meter
and insist that all who come to visit get tested (and
we've uncovered one potential human diabetic as a
result).  So, in summary, Tom's diabetes has
strengthed us all and has had a positive affect on our life!